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Come on this is the internet! NOTHING on the internet is private.


How private is the Privacy Policy? - VERY no one every reads FAQ's

Will my data be given to third parties? - no, unless the server gets hacked (again!)

How long will you keep my data? - Unless you ask us to delete it, probably until the HD dies

Who owns what I post? - Anything you post, was deemed to be yours and by virtue of its very posting is now considered to be ours, possesion in this case is 100% of the law

Will my posts, photographs, uploads etc be used for anything else? - probably not, unless you post something really cool/funny/sexy, anything we wished that we had done, or anything we can find a way to make money from, then we will adapt it/photoshop it/sell it, putting our name to it and claiming it as our own.* * This excludes child pron and any pictures containing cats, but does include any possible blackmailing material.

What about cookie Tracking? In the computer world a cookie is just a small piece of code that holds a small amount of data that persists across pages and logins. Without them pages would forget who you are and where you have been or you could be entering the same data all the time.

If your lucky cookies will work on zenecho, Zenecho its self has no tracking cookies and there have been no reports of Zombie Cookies

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This document can and may change at any time