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15 minutes of fame

Date unknown : TV

I did once appear on Television dressed as a Sea Cadet ( I was about 12-13) for an anti-rabies campaign Thank god no evidence remains, and if there is, you cant prove it was me!

February 2005: Linux Format LX63

Star letter! I have no idea why they went for "Smell the glove" sounds a little pervy to me.

 Smell the glove?

July 26th 2009 - 3PM The 4th Plinth

One and Other public art project by Antony Gormley One & Other Wikipedia page

One and Other Book entry
 one and other book entry

Heres a Copy/Mockup/Rip off of the Original Artichoke, One and Other, Zenecho Plinthers page

Zenecho on the 4th plinth

The video is curently not working
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April 1st 2010: Rabbits Bottom

"Having a small, but well formed, muscluar (sic) bottom ie like a rabbits - distincly NOT furry in this case
Sarah thought Mike was very sexy, she particulary like to fondle his rabbits bottom"
source: Urban Dictionary Urban Directory