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vulgar slang

verb: fuck

3rd person present: fucks

past tense: fucked

past participle: fucked

gerund or present participle: fucking

noun: fuck

plural noun: fucks

exclamation: fuck


early 16th century: of Germanic origin (compare Swedish dialect focka and Dutch dialect fokkelen ); possibly from an Indo-European root meaning ‘strike’, shared by Latin pugnus ‘fist’.

fuck pie chart

Example usage

Sexual -- lets fuck

Mischief -- lets fuck with them

Aggression -- lets fuck them up

Anger -- Fuck you

Regret -- Fuck me!

Resignation -- Oh, Fuck it!

Surprise -- Holy Fuck!

Puzzlement -- what teh fuck?

Greeting -- How the fuck are you?

Fraud -- I got Fucked over

Identification -- Who th e fuck are you?

Philosophical -- Who Gives a fuck?

Compliment -- Shes so fucking beutiful

Confusion -- Where the fuck are we?

Wonder -- What the fuck is taht?

Amazemant -- How t e fuck did he do that?

Threat -- Dont fuck with me

Realisation -- I fucking knew it!