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Edge of the world

In times gone by, if you were a sailor on a boat, mapping the world, and one day whilst becalmed under the burning sun you came upon this place, to hide the boredom and tediousness all around you might just write "here be dragons!" in hope that it might dissuade others from venturing forth...my advice to you is to start paddling and go back whence you came ... or to translate into the common vernacular of the young people " move along...nothing to see here "

Best viewed with a computer, funny once, when I had just started with all this malarkey but not so true nowadays! Pah... kids today dont know they are born! In my day if we wanted porn we had to either watch some very dodgy colonial film, with the faint hope of some naked native "breast" or we would have to search through bushes to try and find a disgarded playboy that was not totally soaked through by the rain, or had the interesting bits eaten away by snails.

No animals were hurt during the making of this website (cat kicking excluded of course)

May contain traces of nut.

This website has been made from 100% recycled binary bits. This also the technical reason why nothing here is new or original, its all been cobbled together with old "bits" - see what I did there? If you have any unwanted 0's or 1's please send them to the sysadmin here at zenecho.com

Even though this website has been around in one form or another, since the begining of Dec 1997 (?) not once has it been fair to claim it as finished, its mostly for bit twiddling the banana problem, a platform for me to have a bit of a geek fest and to try out things - just because I can! Its also useful as a test bed during work related and other web based projects

Warning: May cause drowsiness If affected, do not drive or operate heavy machinery. If symptoms persist try a short spell in the Big Blue Room.

Who or what is Zenecho?

When I was young, naive, and was going to live forever, I was unhappy with my life, the world and the cost of beer. In a vain attempt to "change the world" I decided to change my name. After a great deal of soul searching (I never did find mine) I came up with the very humble - Barron Max Zenecho - Luckily I never did change my name, but zenecho was a little harder to throw off. I liked the idea of "zen" being a "here and now" type thing and "echo" being a "been and gone" type thing. During my early creative expressionist period (read that as "can't draw or paint") I did sign some art work (a very loose term, no one else would call it art) zenecho. Over the years the name hung around, at the back of my mind.It was not until I started writing my first programs (please see comments about art) that I loosely used Zenecho.

In 1998 I started finding myself doing odd bits of computer based work. Bits here, bits there, mostly for friends. Some time later I was asked to install and integrate an NT4 Server into a small company network. There was a fixed cost for the job but I needed to present an invoice. So Zenecho was born (officially with the tax man anyway) as a small computer consultancy. As they say "don't give up your day job". Zenecho generated small amounts over the next few years but slowly declined mostly due to spending more time doing proper paid work, and my hatred of filling out self assement tax forms. I joined a couple of forums and chose zenecho as my on-line name. Due to its use on the Forums, more and more people knew me as Zenecho. I now have two sets of people, work based - who know me by my proper name and 98% of my friends who know me as "zenecho" or just "zen", I'm cool with that.

This of course does not include Google+ (now long dead) wich despite all the hype and other tosh DOES NOT SUPPORT PSEUDONYMS ...(dont get me started) where I am known as "Mr" Zenecho

It also helps with the Ego Surfing as usually search engines will display me as Zenecho before the other "Zenechos", "Zen"+"Echos" and "Echo"+"Zens"

Disclosure: Im probably not wearing any pants Pants

Woot! Woot!Sept 14 2010 the zenecho domain became free, so I grabbed the com and co.uk ...and there was much rejoicing
End of 2011..ish Major rebuild due to Moose's mate, Beaver crapping in the server, resulting in the need for a new HD
Sept 2014 co.uk was dropped due to lack of interest
Sept 2014 new server rebuild - HTTPS
Oct 2016 New server rebuild - Not following warnings for OS update
Oct 2018 New Server - Moving/Not moving, Updating OS, Changing ISP